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Who’s afraid of the big bad home inspector? Not my clients! When you hire me as your realtor/home inspector, here’s what you can get:

  • Trusted resource for answers about the process
  • Innovative property screening strategies
  • Expertise about neighborhood features
  • Ability to micro target home searches
  • Strong, proven negotiation skills
  • Support through the closing process and beyond

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Do you know what your home is worth? If you plan to sell a home, you can improve your negotiating position with Bryan D. Mize as your Optimized Agent! Every listing client receives a free Streamlined home inspection, covering all the hidden areas of your home so there will be no nasty surprises from the buyer's inspection!


Save time and money by avoiding problem properties! In this market, with so many bank-owned and distressed properties, it pays to have an inspector who can also show you homes. This is especially true if you're an investor or out of town client!


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    • "Bryan D. Mize is the best low pressure Real Estate Agents I know…"

      Bryan D. Mize is the best low pressure Real Estate Agents I know. I paid several in the past, Bryan pegs the meter in knowledge, and complete customer service. He educated me about any detail I needed to allow me to get a better outcome (deal) in the Real Estate adventure. He helped me improve my ability to find a loan (he used to be an Loan Officer), decide what I want in a property (house, siting on the lot, location, etc.), which house ‘like this’ might be a better choice than the other offerings, inspectors, counter-offers. I could go on for pages. He also was able to offer, and reel back the lectures about creative financing (30-year fixed for me), buy back, lease back options, and all sorts of other ‘things to think about’. When asking about friends’ positioins, he is quick to offer suggestions that are creative, to the point, and truely helpful. Others I have dealt with start off with how they can hook the customer. Bryan seems dedicated to having people NOT have the less-than-par experinces I have had in the past.
      I could not recommend him highly enough, or to more people. Marc M. Seattle

    • “A Friend, Mentor”

      Bryan Mize has been a friend, mentor as well as our personal Buyer’s Agent when helping us purchase our home in Mukilteo. He is truly a professional and knows the real estate market from the eyes of a Homeowner, Investor/Landlord, Buyer, Seller and Real Estate agent. He provided excellent insight and helped to guide us in making our purchase and allowing us to ‘make money’ in a soft real estate market! Thanks Bryan! Susan S. - Mukilteo, WA

    • “Best Match For Your Heart’s Desire”

      If you want someone in real estate that not only will listen to you but find the best match for your heart’s desire plus work with you on the most economical financing then I can’t think of anyone better to work with than Bryan. I have referred him to family and friends and used his services several times myself. Treat yourself to the best and call Bryan when you are in the market for real estate or a real estate transaction. Gayle D. - Renton, WA

    • “He really knows his stuff!! And he LOVES to talk…”

      We recently moved up to a bigger house in our neighborhood. Not only did Bryan serve as our real estate broker, but he also helped us obtain the necessary financing! He was there through the entire process including inspection. Furthermore, Bryan helped us keep our old house as a rental property. He really knows his stuff!! And he LOVES to talk about real estate, financing and ways to increase your wealth! Bryan is definitely our man! Kerry F., Lynnwood, WA

    • “He Nailed The Price”

      I’ve worked with Bryan for a number of years. It is refreshing to find someone who has the confidence and knowledge to give straight answers and actually knows how to navigate all the challenges with buying and selling real estate. I can say without a doubt Bryan stepped into a real estate sale that would end with a Realtor being committed to an insane asylum and he never even blinked. He nailed the price the home would sell at almost to the dollar. I have and will continue to refer friends and family knowing they will have the same experience. Mike F. - Redmond, WA

    • “A Rare Breed Indeed!”

      Best realtor I’ve ever worked with. Bryan was always on top of things, and managed to get my sale to happen despite the universe collapsing in on it (had to switch mortgage providers halfway through the process, the FHA inspection was done on the wrong house, among other things). He didn’t drop off the face of the earth after the deal was done in contrast to others I’ve worked with! A rare breed indeed! Caleb R. -Ballard, WA

    About Me

    I grew up the "Son-of-a-landlord" in Bremerton and moved to Seattle in high school. Working with my family on their portfolio, I have always considered Real Estate to be more than just a home... your home (if purchased well) can be a long term investment that will reap substantial rewards throughout your lifetime. If purchased poorly, your home could result in causing heartache and possible financial devastation. Buying a home is most people's single largest financial transaction. It pays to have experience on your side. As the owner of several houses I am extremely qualified to assist you with your purchase. I have been fully trained by residential building inspectors to recognize the more common issues long before you ever have to pay for an inspection. I have also personally been involved in the complete rehabbing of three of my homes, invaluable experience. this knowledge becomes instrumental in determing offer price and negotiation strategies for your perfect property. If you are interested in residential investing, from single-family homes to four unit apartments, let me know. I have extensive experience with asset acquisition, including the tax consequences and 1031 Exchanges... Give me a call and let me know what is important to you. I have been focusing my energies and talents on buyer representation for my entire career and I look forward to assisting you! Bryan D. Mize Cell: 206.349.0733 eFax: 866.646.4933